Hey It’s Chelsi again!

I am most drawn to photos that are emotionally captivating. Photos that reflect that one scene in your favorite Romcom that gives you all the feels. Or the lyric from the song that you sing over and over again. I find my inspiration in the messy parts of life. Like that one time you went for a picnic on the beach and instead of perfectly sunny skies, it rained, and you got soaked, but had the best time because you realized that being wrapped up in each other’s arms was exactly what you wanted anyway. There is so much beauty to be found in our average every day lives. But really is there such a thing as average? I mean, there was nothing average about the way you found one another. Once you found the person for whom your heart was searching, life’s greatest adventure began. That’s what inspires me. The extraordinary adventure that the two of you have begun and will frolic through together, forever.