Fort Bragg California Photographer

What the heck should we wear?

The #1 question that I receive after a couple books a session with me.

No worries. I’m here for you! Are you ready for some easy steps? Ok, let’s get started!

Fort Bragg California Photographer

Two Outfits

One casual or laid back look

One Dressed Up Look

Fort Bragg California Photographer

Fort Bragg California Photographer


When choosing your wardrobe keep our desired location in mind. If it’s a colder climate, you may want to consider something a bit warmer with sleeves ya? Are we going to be in the city? Something more fashion forward will compliment the environment. Is this going to be a beach session? Probably want to skip the high heals and opt for bare feet.


You’ve Got to Move it, move it.

In the infamous words of King Julian from Madagascar, “you’ve got to move it, move it”.

Seriously though, you’ll look your best while wearing something that you able to move in. If you’re stuck in the same position because you can’t lift your arms or you dress feels too short and you’re afraid your exposing too much leg, you won’t feel comfortable to use some of the fun prompts I have planned for us! And you will feel self conscious the whole time which will ultimately lead to those awkward photos that you are terrified of.

This also means that you should wear clothing that fits you perfectly. Nothing too loose or tight.

Material Matters

aaaahhhhhh don’t you just love a dress blowing in the breeze?I sure do. The material your clothes are matter in the final photo. Think about materials that flow nicely for those epically romantic dress shots.

When you’re choosing your casual outfits, don’t be afraid to mix textures and classic denims. Nothing more snuggly than a good fitting pair of jeans and a warms sweater right?

The material of your clothes will make a huge difference in images that are delivered in your final gallery.

Fort Bragg California Photographer

Fort Bragg California Photographer

Don’t be matchy-matchy.

When in doubt choose neutrals, but don’t don’t try to be twinsies with your colors. While I love color, in most cases, there’s nothing quite like soft and light neutrals in a photograph.

- consider light colors such as whites, creams or pastels.

- Mix in other neutrals like denim or leather. I love a leather jacket thrown over a lace dress it's timeless yet edgy at the same time. perfect.

- Coordinate your outfits using colors and textures but please don't be too matchy-matchy. There is nothing more awkward than two people wearing the same exact shirt, unless of course you’re a cute elderly couple.

Fort Bragg California Photographer
Fort Bragg California Photographer

A good fit makes a great photograph!

This is the biggest rule to follow when picking out clothes for both of you. There is absolutely nothing worse than a gorgeous photo of two people in love, but she’s wearing a dress that’s too tight that she’s constantly pulling at. Or he’s wearing baggy pants that he’s constantly having to pull up. Too short or too long articles of clothing make it look like you came unprepared in your photographs.

The clothes you wear, say a lot about who you are, therefore should fit like they were made especially for you. You should be runway ready when you arrive for a professional photo shoot.

- If there’s a part of your body that you like to hide, don’t choose clothes that put emphasis on that particular area. For example, I’m a mom, and I don’t like my stomach, so I avoid clothin that hugs my waist. If it’s your arms you don’t like, I suggest long sleeves.

-Make sure to wear clothing that doesn’t pull up or down. Straps must stay in place so that you aren’t constantly fixing them.

- Hemlines on skirts and dresses that are too short will be difficult to sit in or may even blow up in the wind. High slits in dresses will do the same thing. If showing a lot of leg isn’t your thang, a short skirt or long slit isn’t for you!

- Bra Straps showing. NOPE. Sorry not sorry. Bra straps showing is not a good look, on anyone. It just looks, well, trashy. If going strapless or braless with an article of clothing is the only option and it makes you uncomfortable, choose a different outfit.

-Guys, listen up! Your pants should fit. Period. Baggy or loose fitting pants are not attractive. So find yourself a slim fitting pair of jeans or pants. Life changer. You can thank ya girl later!