But, are you willing to travel?!? Heck yes!

Check out the list below for my travel plans, if you want to book a session in one of the locations I am already traveling to, I wave all travel fees. Don’t see your location on the list? That’s okay, I am all about exploring new places! Let’s make it an adventure okay?

Destination+wedding photographer+based+in+Mendocino+California

Upcoming Travel

May 8-11// San Diego, California

TBD // Scottsdale, Arizona

November 16-22 // Palm Desert, California

This planet that we inhabit was gifted to us to wander and explore. Your love story was meant to be told in a location that is special and yours. and guess what? I have a silly little list of all the places I would like to get lost in. It would be super amazing if when I visit them, I could take you along on the adventure with me. I am open and willing to work within your budget to capture your love story and at the same time satisfy my wanderlust bug.


Costa Rica







I also have a desire to travel to all 50 United States, just in case you were wondering.

Ok, Chelsi, I like what you’re putting out to the universe!

Destination+wedding photographer+based+in+Mendocino+California