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Hey there, I’m Chelsi.

mendocino california wedding photographer

I am most drawn to photos that are emotionally captivating. Photos that reflect that one scene in your favorite Romcom that gives you all the feels. Or the lyric from the song that you sing over and over again. I find my inspiration in the messy parts of life. Like that one time you went for a picnic on the beach and instead of perfectly sunny skies, it rained, and you got soaked, but had the best time because you realized that being wrapped up in each other’s arms was exactly what you wanted anyway. There is so much beauty to be found in our average every day lives. But really is there such a thing as average? I mean, there was nothing average about the way you found one another. Once you found the person for whom your heart was searching, life’s greatest adventure began. That’s what inspires me. The extraordinary adventure that the two of you have begun and will frolic through together, forever.

A Few Things About Me :

I’m Chelsi and here are some things you should probably know about me. My favorite time of the day is sitting with my husband in the morning, drinking coffee, beautiful light pouring through the window, while my boys play legos at the table. Most days you can find me sitting on my beach towel reading the latest self help (because I obviously need all the help I can get) book and watching the boys play in the waves on their boogie boards.

I crave crisp salty air and totally don’t mind a good fog soaked day. Coffee and Tequila are my drinks of choice, beautiful shadows, authentic emotional photos, and outrageous coastlines all make my heart explode with joy.

I am firefighter’s wife which means that the boys and I spend a lot of our time without their dad home. Being married to a firefighter, who spends a lot of time away from home, has taught me to embrace the mess. I used to stress over an immaculate home, well done make up, and perfect hair. Now, most days you can find me wearing a messy bun, stressing over whether I am devoting enough time to my kids and their various activities. Often, there are dishes piled in the sink, laundry strewn on the bedroom floors, and beds are rarely made in the morning. And, here's a shocker, at the end of the day, I may or may not celebrate with a glass of sparkling wine if we all survived to tell about it. Embracing the mess has been one of the most freeing things I have ever done for myself, no regrets.

That’s what I want to give to you. Real life, give me all the feels, emotional photos. Are you convinced that we could be besties and make some magical storybook moments together on the most important day of your life?

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A Little About My Photographic Approach

Mendocino California Wedding Photographer

Love is RAD and your photos should be too. I am interested in candid, authentic emotions. You will rarely find me posing my clients and asking them to fake smile or laugh at the camera. I will not ask you to hold your kiss for 20 minutes while I prepare for the perfect shot. Can we say awkward? I focus on capturing real moments in natural light. I want you to giggle, make funny faces, swoon over each other, and I will most likely make a huge fool out of myself to make these things happen naturally. Real, give me all the feels, emotional moments. That's what I am after. Genuine wild moments that tell your love story as it unfolds in front of my camera.

I go all-in for the adventurous and wildly in love. I am for lovers who are not afraid to let their hair to blow in the wind,  who don’t mind if their wedding dress gets dirty, or are down to frolic around in the rain. I live for those unposed, messy, in-between moments.

My heart skips a beat for movement in photos, so if we're on the beach, bluff, or in a field I will be asking you to skip, hop, run, twirl, and dance while we listen to your favorite jams on my Bluetooth speaker. We’re going to have so much fun friend!

If you'd rather experience the moments of your day than stress over perfectly planned details, if you could care less if your dress gets dirty, or your hair a mess and you think I may be the photographer for you or even if you just think we’d make great friends, we should chat over a cup of coffee or your favorite adult beverage (don’t worry, it can be over Skype if you can’t get to me)! 

 True love stories are my jam. YOUR LOVE story is the raddest thing I have ever heard, and it deserves to be told in a beautifully authentic way.

Are you ready for that?

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What’s included in the wedding package?

Engagement Mini Session

I’d love to show up on your wedding day as your friend. In order to do that, I actually have to meet you before your wedding day. With that in mind, I include a 30 minute minute meeting over coffee or adult beverages and a 1 hour engagement session with yours truly in each of my wedding packages.

Digital Images

75 digitally edited final images per hour of scheduled photography. Personal rights to print the photos. Gorgeous online gallery to share with family and friends, which doubles as a cloud backup for all of the photos.

Frame Worthiness

Your online gallery is linked to my favorite print labs, which makes printing your favorite photos a breeze. I will include a print credit for each wedding because I believe that our fondest memories deserve to be documented and presented in a beautiful way for the world to see. Plus, who knows what internet inspired trend will be going on 20 years from now. Printed photographs are timeless and tangible heirlooms that deserve their place in our lives.

Help with Planning

Timelines gotcha stressed? Don’t know what to wear for your engagement session? Don’t worry, if you need help, I’ve got ya covered!

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