Chelsi McFadden Photography

Mendocino, California

Wedding & Elopement Photographer

*Storyteller for the wildly in love*

Mendocino California Wedding Photographer
Mendocino California Couples and Engagement Portrait Photographer

Chelsi is a Mendocino, California Wedding & Couples Portrait who believes that couples who don’t regret anything on their wedding day are those who make it about the commitment they are making to each other. Nothing else.⁣ Couples who enjoy their day the most are those who let perfect details take a back seat to planning a day that emulates their loves story. If that means saying "bye Felicia” to tradition because figuring out who to cut from the guest list freaks you out, that’s okay! Does running away to the coast with the love of your life sound better than stressing over a big wedding? Do it! If that means throwing a Dr. Who or frankly what the hell you want themed reception, go for it!

Weddings are meant to be the beginning of your happily ever after and should be whatever the heck you want yours to be. ⁣Put tradition in the rearview if that just isn't your thing. Don't stress over the things that won't matter 5 years from now and write the story you want from the beginning.

If you believe that each and every sunset is magic, if the redwoods will be your chapel and the ocean your wedding march, if you'd rather experience the moments of your day than stress over perfectly planned details, if you could care less if your dress gets dirty, or your hair a mess:


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