mendocino couples photographer

As a photographer I am obsessed with real moments. You know the ones. When he's telling you how lucky he is to be marrying you and you melt in his arms. That one time when you couldn't keep a straight face because your photographer has asked you to stare longingly into each other's eyes. The moment when the whole world stops because you have embraced for a long slow kiss on a starry night. That time when the wind picks up and your hair is all a mess. Or what about that picnic that you planned on the beach that turned into dancing in the rain because it was pouring cats and dogs? But you didn't mind, because you realized all you wanted to do was be close to each other anyway.

These are the moments. The beautiful memories that you will reminisce about together for a lifetime. I believe in spending time with our raw and authentic emotions and embracing who we are, unapologetically. Each person's story is unique and beautiful.

I want to hear your story, but more than that, I want to capture it and keep it forever in photographs to be shared with your loved ones for generations and generations to come. whaddya say?

Couples Portrait Pricing

Mendocino & Surrounding Areas  $300

Northern California $650

Southern California $950 + Flight + Rental Car

Destination Continental US: 1400 + Flight + Rental Car + Lodging

**If you book a session with me in a place that I am already traveling to, travel expenses may be included.

Check out my travel plans for updates!

You in?!?

Mendocino Couples Photographer