fort bragg california wedding photographer

I am an adventurous Intimate Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Fort Bragg, California. However, I have a gypsy soul and am willing to travel just about anywhere to document your loves story.  Where will our next grand adventure be?

I live in small town USA but looooove to travel. My love for photography developed through the love for capturing adventures that my Grandfather shared with me when I was a young girl. Some of my fondest childhood memories are those spent surrounded by my family watching Grandpa's slides and listening to his adventure stories. My love for travel and photography was fostered by my step-father who took me and my best friends on wild adventures throughout the state and into foreign countries.  I owe my gypsy soul to these two men. I wouldn't change it for the world. 

I am a rebel who dreams big, thinks outside the box, always has her bags packed, is married to an amazing man named Cameron, and a mom of THREE (yes, three) handsome boys.

Most of the time you can find me drinking coffee (cream and sugar please), devouring tacos, chasing my three boys or cuddling with my hubby. If the sun is out, you can bet, I will be sitting on the beach with a good book while the boys dig trenches in the sand.  I think I may be a mermaid because saltwater runs through my veins and I am always in search of the perfect piece of coastline. I value experiences over possessions and would much rather take a vacation to Maui than buy a new car or latest fashion trend. 

My ultimate goal is to raise my boys to be kind, courageous, and wholesome individuals who live up to their potential and use their God given talents to serve others. In so doing, I love to spread kindness, foster relationships, and encourage others to dream big and work hard.

mendocino california wedding photographer

Love is RAD and your photos should be too. I am interested in unposed, candid, and authentic emotions. You will not find me awkwardly posing my clients and asking them to smile and stare at the camera. I will not ask you to hold your kiss for 20 minutes while I get the perfect shot. Can we say awkward? I focus on capturing your real moments in natural light. I want to see you giggle, make funny faces, swoon over each other, I may even laugh with you. If I do, be ready, because I have heard that my laugh is intoxicating and you may find yourself laughing even harder! 

Real, give me all the feels, RAD moments. That's what I am after. Real, genuine, remarkable moments of your  family, engagement, elopement, wedding day that you will want to remember forever. I go all in for the adventurous and crazy in love. I am for lovers who are not afraid to get their feet a little dirty,  the wedding dress a little sandy or your hair is a little messy. I live for those unposed, messy, in-between moments. I love love love movement in photos, so if we're on the beach, bluff, or in a field I will be asking you to skip, hop, run, twirl, and dance while we listen to your favorite jams on my Bluetooth speaker. Because you are just as RAD as your love. 

My best work is created when the people who step in front of my camera are my friends. So, before I ever take my camera out of my bag, I want to be your friend. I mean you can never have too many right?!?

IF you are planning a boho backyard wedding, a Mendocino Headlands Elopement, or even just a family reunion and  you think I may be the photographer for you, we should grab coffee or a cocktail and  get to know each other! 


 True love stories are my jam. YOUR LOVE IS RAD. Your love story deserves to be told. It deserves to be captured on film to share with generations to come. It deserves to be in picture frames. It NEEDS to be celebrated. When do we get started?